5 Best Schools Around Burj Vista

Burj Vista promises not just upscale living, but also a hub for excellent education options. This vibrant neighborhood is dotted with noteworthy schools like Citizens School and the City School Holdings Dubai, both conveniently located within a 2-kilometer radius. But proximity isn’t the only perk here.

With Schools around Burj Vista achieving ‘Very Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ government inspection ratings, the pursuit of academic excellence is within easy reach for residents. This includes esteemed institutions such as Horizon English School Dubai and Jumeirah English Speaking School. For anyone seeking top-tier education in a dynamic urban setting, Burj Vista makes a compelling case.

1.City School Holdings

The philosophy of City School Holdings is underpinned by a deep-seated desire to learn, acquire knowledge and hone skills. In their quest to realize this vision, they incorporate state-of-the-art methodologies and technology, providing their students with the tools needed to unlock their full potential.

City School Holdings’ reach is impressive, extending across six countries, and comprising 186 schools. This educational network is powered by a diverse team of over 10,000 staff members, dedicated to guiding and nurturing the potential of their 150,000-plus student body. City School Holdings is more than just a collection of schools, it’s a thriving educational community dedicated to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

2.Horizon English School

Horizon English School in Dubai, one of the prominent Schools Around Burj Vista, is a private, non-selective institution serving international students aged 3-11 from over 47 countries. This friendly and inclusive school uses English as the language of instruction and caters to students at all levels of English proficiency. Horizon’s curriculum is designed to equip students with skills necessary for the future, preparing them to become global citizens. 

The school community, where students often feel like part of a second family, is particularly valued. Beyond academics, Horizon encourages student participation in extra-curricular activities such as music, sports, and technology. 

In addition to these offerings, since 2020, Horizon has emphasized student and staff well-being through a dedicated program and fosters respect for the local UAE culture. This broad approach to education makes Horizon English School a standout choice.

3.Citizens School

Citizens School positions students at the core of an innovative educational journey, the Citizens Future Framework. This approach emphasizes holistic, inclusive development in a safe, nurturing space. Unique among Schools Around Burj Vista, its campus and program is thoughtfully designed to transform traditional learning, enabling students to flourish in the future. 

The school centers on cultivating innovation, enhancing well-being, inspiring imagination, and making learning a joyful process. Through this groundbreaking approach, Citizens School prepares students to become creative, compassionate, and responsible future citizens, distinguishing itself as a top-tier educational institution.

4.Delhi Private School, Dubai (DPS)

Located in the Gardens, Jebel Ali, Delhi Private School Dubai is a well-established private, co-educational institution that caters to the richly diverse expatriate community in the UAE. Since its establishment in 2003, the school has served as a multicultural beacon of learning, warmly welcoming students from various backgrounds. 

Recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of UAE, it also holds an affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education in New Delhi. This aligns Delhi Private School with a high standard of academic quality, ensuring students receive a robust, internationally-minded education that prepares them to thrive in a global context.

Delhi Private School, Dubai (DPS)

5.Jumeirah International Nurseries (JINS)

Jumeirah International Nurseries (JINS) is another stand-out among Schools Around Burj Vista. It has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional Early Years education since 1981. Catering to children aged 45 days to 6 years, JINS offers a comprehensive and inspiring British education that nurtures both the hearts and minds of its young learners. 

The school prides itself on creating a ‘home-to-home’ experience brimming with wonder and excitement. This approach cultivates creativity, confidence, and resilience in students from their earliest stages of education. At JINS, children are not just educated but are also guided to evolve into eager, well-rounded learners ready to explore the world.


Burj Vista, with its diverse, high-quality educational institutions, represents an ideal setting for families seeking growth and learning opportunities. As home to esteemed Schools Around Burj Vista, such as Jumeirah International Nurseries, City School Holdings, and Delhi Private School, the neighborhood encourages innovation, creativity, and global citizenship.

This not only offers upscale living but also ensures a bright educational future for children. At Luxury Dubai Property, we offer a range of Premium Properties in Burj Vista and surrounding areas, allowing families to live steps away from these educational powerhouses. Therefore, choosing Burj Vista as your place of residence is a strategic move toward securing a world-class education for your children.

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