What are the Costs of Buying Property in Dubai? 

What are the Costs of Buying Property in Dubai?

Dubai’s property market is booming right now. More and more people, especially those living there, are thinking about buying a property instead of renting. But, before diving in, it’s important to know all the costs that come with buying a house or apartment. These costs aren’t small – they can make up about 8% of the property’s price. 

So, if you’re thinking about buying property in Dubai, you need to understand these costs first. Let’s take a closer look.

Buying Property in Dubai

Cost Overview

As you chart your journey into property ownership in Dubai, it’s important to remember that the financial obligation extends beyond the mere listing price of your dream property. The total cost of acquiring property includes several additional charges, a collection of fees that contribute towards the successful transfer of ownership. 

These costs, collectively representing a rule-of-thumb estimate of about 8% of the property value, involve payments made to various entities such as your real estate agent, banks, Dubai Land Department (DLD), and conveyancers. Incorporating these expenses into your budget early on can set the stage for a smooth and financially sound investment process.

1.Dubai Land Department Costs

One of the critical steps in your property-buying journey in Dubai is the registration of the property with the Dubai Land Department (DLD). This registration, which must occur within 60 days of the transaction, lends legal validity to the purchase.

The cost breakdown of the DLD fees involves a 4% fee of the purchase price, coupled with an administrative fee of AED 580 for apartments or AED 430 for land transactions. Off-plan properties have a smaller administrative fee of AED 40.

Additionally, a property registration fee is imposed. Properties valued below AED 500,000 attract a fee of AED 2,000 plus 5% VAT. For those valued above AED 500,000, the fee increases to AED 4,000 plus 5% VAT. If the property is mortgaged, a mortgage registration fee applies, calculated as 0.25% of the loan amount plus an AED 290 fee.

2.Service Fees

    Service fees constitute another important category of costs to be accounted for when purchasing a property in Dubai. Primarily, these expenses encompass the broker fee for the real estate agent and the costs associated with conveyancing.

    Real Estate Agent’s Commission

    The real estate agent, who is instrumental in facilitating the property transaction, receives a fee of 2% of the purchase price plus 5% VAT. This compensates for their professional expertise and time invested in the buying process.

    Conveyancing Fees

    The conveyancing fees, on the other hand, pertain to the services of a conveyancer, a crucial figure who safeguards the buyer’s interests during the sale. The conveyancer ensures that all transactions align with UAE laws and regulations, thereby mitigating potential legal issues. 

    This peace of mind comes at a cost, typically ranging from AED 6,000 to AED 10,000, depending on the specific conveyancer involved.

    3.Mortgage Fees

      Navigating the financial landscape of property buying becomes slightly more intricate when a mortgage is involved. Two key components to consider here are the bank mortgage arrangement fee and the property valuation fee.

      The bank mortgage arrangement fee, which covers the cost of setting up your mortgage, equates to 1% of the loan amount plus 5% VAT. The property valuation fee, on the other hand, is charged for a professional assessment of the property’s market value and ranges between AED 2,500 and AED 3,500, subject to an additional 5% VAT.

      If the property you intend to purchase is already mortgaged, the existing loan needs to be cleared by the seller or through bank facilitation, an important factor to consider in your cost analysis.

      4.Home Insurance

      Owning a property in Dubai implies a significant investment, and having protection measures in place can be beneficial. One such measure is home insurance, which, though not legally necessary, offers protection against potential damage to both the property and its contents. This coverage typically costs around AED 1,000 annually.

      If you are securing a mortgage, life insurance becomes a compulsory requirement. The cost for life insurance typically varies between 0.4-0.8% annually, calculated on the reducing loan balance, and is facilitated by your mortgage provider. Opting for these insurance policies contributes to a secure and worry-free experience as a property owner.

      Other Costs 

      Finally, when buying property in Dubai, there are additional costs to consider. One is the property deposit, typically 10% of the transaction value, payable to reserve your property. 

      Additionally, there are annual service charges which vary depending on the specific development. These charges are for the maintenance of communal areas and services. Checking these charges on the Dubai Land Department’s website is recommended to fully understand your financial commitments.


      In conclusion, Buying Property in Dubai involves costs beyond the listing price, amounting to about 8% of the property value. These expenses include Land Department fees, agent commissions, conveyancing fees, and mortgage and insurance costs, among others. It’s crucial to consider these factors for sound financial planning.

      At Luxury Dubai Property, we offer a wide range of Properties you can buy in Dubai, and provide professional guidance to help you understand the cost of all the factors involved. Contact us today for more information.

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