Will I Get a Golden Visa if I Buy a Property in Dubai?

Will I Get a Golden Visa if I Buy a Property in Dubai?

The Golden Visa Program, introduced by the UAE government, offers a path to long-term residency for international investors. By investing as low as AED 2 million in the country’s real estate sector, investors can secure a 10-year renewable visa. 

This unique program, which also extends to immediate family members, has made Dubai an even more appealing investment destination, sparking a significant surge in both local and foreign investors into the city’s vibrant real estate market.

Golden Visa if I Buy a Property in Dubai

Investment Options for Obtaining Golden Visa

Let’s explore various paths to secure the Golden Visa through real estate investment in Dubai.

Real Estate Investment

The most prominent route to the Golden Visa is through investment in real estate. Recent changes in regulations have set the investment threshold at a more accessible level of AED 2 million, attracting a broader range of investors.

Traditional Property Purchases and Loan-Backed Investments

Investors can choose to purchase the property outright or through loans obtained from specific local banks. Both pathways are eligible for the Golden Visa, providing flexibility in how investors approach the property market.

Investing in Off-Plan Properties

    Another viable option is investing in off-plan properties, provided that these properties are bought from approved local real estate companies. These pre-construction investments often come with attractive payment plans, allowing investors to qualify for the Golden Visa with lower down payments.

    Payment Plans

    In particular, the offered payment plans have significantly reduced the entry bar for the Golden Visa. Investors can now qualify with as low as a 10% down payment without a mortgage (AED 200,000) and 25% with a mortgage (AED 500,000).

    These revised regulations and diverse investment options have bolstered the Dubai real estate market. Attracting both local and foreign investors, these changes have invigorated the city’s property sector, leading to record transaction volumes.

    Benefits of the Golden Visa

    Here’s a rundown of the impressive benefits the UAE Golden Visa has in store for worldwide investors:

    1.Long-Term Residency 

    The Golden Visa grants a 10-year renewable residency permit, providing stability and security for investors who wish to live in the UAE or frequently visit without immigration worries.

    2.No Sponsor Required 

    Unlike traditional visa systems in the UAE, the Golden Visa does not require a sponsor or employer, offering unparalleled freedom to the visa holder.

    3.Extensive Stay Duration

      Visa holders can stay outside the UAE for an extended period without nullifying their golden residency status, facilitating global mobility.

      4.Family Inclusion 

      Golden Visa holders can sponsor immediate family members, including spouses and children of any age. In the event of the visa holder’s death, family members retain their golden residency status until the end of the term.

      5.Business Opportunities

      The Golden Visa opens up opportunities for starting businesses in the UAE, paving the way for entrepreneurial ventures in the thriving Emirates economy.

      Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for the Golden Visa

      Here’s your step-by-step guide to securing the UAE Golden Visa, both online and through service centers.

      Required Documents

      Some of the necessary documents include:

      • A passport
      • An electronic copy of the title deed certificate
      • A personal photo
      • Valid health insurance
      • An original Emirates ID (if applicable)
      • A copy of the latest UAE visa (if applicable)

      Applying Online through ICA

      1. Visit the ICA website or download the UAEICP app.
      2. Click on ‘Start Service.’
      3. Fill in all the required information and submit documents.
      4. Pay the service fee.

      Your application will be reviewed and you may be asked to submit additional documents. Keep your current Emirates ID, a title deed, photo, and health insurance handy.

      Applying via Amer Centers

      1. Visit one of the Amer Centers.
      2. Select the required service at the reception.
      3. Submit the required documents to the service employee.
      4. Documents will be checked.
      5. Pay the service fees.
      6. Submit the application.

      Your application will be processed, and visa stamping on your passport will be done in 7-10 working days. This comprehensive procedure ensures a smooth application process for your Golden Visa.


      The UAE’s Golden Visa program offers an enticing opportunity for property investors, granting long-term residency and unparalleled flexibility. Accessible entry points with diverse investment options have catalyzed a vibrant real estate market in Dubai. 

      At Luxury Dubai Property, we offer a wide range of Properties you can buy in Dubai. As real estate experts, we also help you understand all the costs and procedures involved to make the experience easy for you. Contact us today for more information.

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